The Hunt — A KGF Charity Collection

6 min readFeb 8, 2022

The Hunt has been completed! We have put together 7 amazing Charity pieces, all inspired by Killer GF!

The Hunt

What was The Hunt? A three-part puzzle launched by Killer GF and NFT Guru. The puzzle consisted of multiple mediums including Twitter, Discord, and the official website. Killers came together for a few days to find the answers.

Here are the official answers!

  • 7 Artists
  • Derivatives
  • Charity

Feature Artist Charity Auction

What does this mean? This means that we brought together seven premier artists to each create their own Killer GF derivative! All of these 7 1/1s have been auctioned as the KILLER GF GENESIS collection on Foundation. We also wanted to use this as an opportunity to give back to the community. To be fully transparent, below we’ve provided a breakdown for the funds we have raised.

  • 33% of the proceeds will go to the charity of the artist’s choice.
  • 33% of the proceeds will go to the respective artist.
  • 33% of the proceeds will go to the KGF team.

We are incredibly excited to present this to everyone! All seven artists have been personally chosen by both Zeronis and Kiwi. We’re hoping that everyone is just as excited about this as we are…

Learn more about our artists and enjoy their sick Killer GFs below:

Laur — Feb 15th


Laur is the co-founder and artist for uwucrew. She has been a pioneer in the Anime NFT space and has inspired new Anime projects like Killer GF to grow. Her focus on community and positivity has made uwucrew what it is today. A prominent collector in her own right, she has grown her collection by supporting many smaller creators.

laur’s charity of choice is Adopt-A-Classroom, a national, award-winning nonprofit that provides funding for K-12 teachers and schools.

【 awakening 】by laur

Benangbaja — Feb 17th

KILLER GF GENESIS x benangbaja

Benangbaja is a visual artist based in Makassar, Indonesia. They have been an active artist since 2011. Oftentimes their work is about daily life and internet culture. The use of firm lines and bright colors has become a distinctive feature in their work. Outside of art they also have a wife and a son. They have participated in multiple art exhibits, and even had their own. Their work is heavily influenced by anime characters with a touch of wild imagination, bringing new life to simple objects. Drawing is their passion, and they are very grateful to have had the support to make it their living.

benangbaja’s charity of choice is Children’s Heart Unit Fund, a non-profit aimed at pioneering services that positively impact cardiac patients and their families.

Mantra by benangbaja

Cirilla Lin — Feb 19th

KILLER GF GENESIS x cirilla lin

Cirilla Lin is a Freelance illustrator from Taiwan. They have been drawing for over 4 years and are known for drawing figures and scenery. They are prominent on Twitter amassing a following of over 200,000 fans.

Cirilla’s charity of choice is Americans for the Arts, a non-profit with a mission to serve, advance, and lead the network of organizations and individuals who cultivate, promote, sustain, and support the arts in America.

Marin by Cirilla

Yueko — Feb 21th


Yueko is an illustrator from New Zealand known for their Asian inspired art, often referencing anime. She embraces a strong, elegant style with soft, regal undertones and powerful feminine figures.

yueko’s charity of choice is Heart Kids, New Zealand’s only charity which provides lifelong support for children living with congenital heart defects and childhood heart disease.

Ruishi by Yueko

robek — Feb 23rd


When asked to provide a bio he responded with “Robek invented NFTs in 1998 while downloading Japanese Dragon Ball X art from Geocities on a brand new 56k modem. He developed a protocol where he would spend phone line minutes to print the art and put into binders to share on the bus. Robek now works at bitcoin.”

Robek is also one of the largest anime art collectors in the NFT space. He has created art for Curio Cards in 2017 and co-founded weeb3dao. Check out his blog posts!

robek’s charity of choice is Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the leading nonprofit defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation.

ᕲᘿᒪᕵᕼᓰᗩᘉ by rwx

0010 — Feb 25th


0010 is an illustrator with a psychedelic and Anime influence trying to explore matters of the intangible. An NFT veteran since Curio Cards, 0010 has developed an iconic style that has reached the hands of many notable collectors.

0010’s charity of choice is Animal Haven, a New York based non-profit that provides homes for abandoned cats and dogs in New York, and provides behavior intervention when needed to improve chances of adoption.

Encounter by 0010

Naoki Saito — Feb 27th


Naoki Saito is a Japanese Illustrator best known for his work as a certified Pokémon Card Illustrator. His career history is incredibly impressive, on top of several years of Pokémon work, his career also includes work for Dragolia Lost and Hatsune Miku. Since his debut into NFTs in October 2021, he has become a well known figure in the NFT space, and has encouraged countless artists to jump into NFT art. He also regularly posts art-related educational videos usually detailing his methodology of illustration on his YouTube channel with over 850,000 subscribers.

Naoki Saito has 2 charities of choice, St. Judes and Make-A-Wish International. St. Judes is a non-profit leading the way the world defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. While Make-A-Wish International is a non-profit with a focus on creating life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses in over 50 countries.

Remember your color of flower by Naoki Saito

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Killer GF is a 7,777 NFT art collection by former Riot Games Artist Zeronis, that contrasts cute girlfriends that also happen to be dangerous assassins.